Top 10 Video Games We Wish They Would Remake

Here is a list of the Top 10 Video Games We Wish They Would Remake. These are games we enjoyed playing either on the Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1, PS2 or Xbox. These games are ones we enjoyed a ton and played often. Games that if they recreated them now we would run out and get them right away. So check out our Top 10 Video Games We Wish They Would Remake and if you can think of one that is not on here, then comment below and let us know.

10. Cool Boarders – This game was so cool when it first came out.  It made you want to go outside and learn to snowboard.  Since this game came out, there really hasn’t been any good or cool snowboarding games.  The new gen consoles could really use an updated version of this game.

Top 10 Games We Wish They Would Remake

9. Crazy Taxi – Who didn’t love this game?  You got to drive around like a lunatic and collect money from people.  This was a game that I use to be able to play for hours.  It would be nice to see this came redone because I think it has a place in the new gen marketplace.

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8. Luigi’s Mansion – Mario always had all the spotlight.  When Luigi got his chance to have a game based all around him, it was an awesome one.  It would be nice to see more games with Luigi as the star and less with Mario.

7. PaRappa the Rapper – In my opinion this game was a precursor to games like Guitar Hero.  This was a fun game that had a ton of awesome music.  Id love to see a newer version of this game with the same kind of music.

6. Twisted Metal – This had to be one of my favorite games growing up.  It was like a shooter game with cars.  Everything about this game was fun.  If they remade this game, it would be awesome.  Imagine the updated graphics and cars you could build.

5. Jet Moto

4. ToeJam & Earl – This game originally came out on the Genesis and as soon as I heard the name and seen the cover, I had to play it.  There were other versions and the final one on the original Xbox.  That game was decent but could have been more.  This game could easily be made now and continue the awesomeness that this game use to provide.

3. Spyro The Dragon – This was probably the most childish game that everyone of all ages loved.  You could spend hours just running and flying around as Spyro.  This game had a huge peak and everyone was playing this game.  I think if they created a new one, many of us who played growing up would have to have it.

2. Suikoden – This was an RPG not everyone played, but those who did loved it.  There was also Suikoden 2.  The original ones are still highly sought after for the PS1 and a remake of this game for the PS4 would be instant hit with RPG fans.

Top 10 Games We Wish They Would Remake


1. Crash Bandicoot – This game needs no explanation.  In the 1990s and 2000s, Crash dominated the video game market.  In the series of games, over 50 million were sold!  This is a game that needs and must be made for the new generation of consoles.  If its made, it will be a midnight release game for sure.  Who wouldn’t want to buy this and place it on a new console?

Top 10 Games We Wish They Would Remake

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