Top 10 Arizona Drinks


Arizona Company has well over 50 different kinds of tea drinks. With these many options, its hard to really try each and everyone to see what your favorite can be. That’s why we did some research and below are the top 10 Arizona tea drinks that you should try next.

  1. Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade – This version is a mixture of lemonade and Strawberry. It is a very tasty drink but does have a strong, sweet flavor. It is very refreshing on a warm day.
  1. Fruit Punch – Most everyone loves fruit punch. This one is made with real sugar and taste just like a classic fruit punch should.
  1. Pomegranate Green Tea – This is one I was excited to finally try since I love green tea and pomegranate. This is an amazingly refreshing drink that is perfect when your looking for something with a little less sugar.
  1. Mucho Mango – This drink is great for those who love a sweet yet light flavor. The flavor isn’t intense but it is very sweet.
  1. Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey – I will be the first to admit, this one isn’t for everyone. But those who love tea will absolutely love this drink. Its made with 100% natural green tea and has a perfect amount of sweetness to it without an overbearing ginger flavor.
  1. Watermelon – You don’t find many watermelon drinks on the market. With that being said, the Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail is actually pretty good. It is also made with real sugar and the best part is, no seeds!
  1. Raspberry Tea – This is a classic tea drink in the Arizona lineup. Its awesome cold and is super freshing. It is also made with real raspberry juice and 100% premium brewed tea.
  1. Kiwi Strawberry – I love the flavor combination of kiwi and strawberry and this drink delivers on that. Its the right balance of the two flavors along with sweetness.
  1. Lemon Tea – This is one that most everyone has had. Its a sweet lemon tea flavor that satisifies both tea loves and non tea lovers. It is made from real black tea and real sugar.
  1. Arnold Palmer – Half lemonade, half tea. The Arnold Palmer lineup is absolutely amazing. They have them in the regular, sweet, zero calories and so many more. All I have to say is try each one, you won’t regret it.

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